Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
May 25 - June 10, 2017

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
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Van Cliburn: A Legacy in Action

Echoes of Van Cliburn carry throughout Bass Hall, Texas, and the world.

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The Penultimate Day

While the end may be in sight, we are admittedly peering over our shoulders wishing we could go back and do this all again!

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Cliburn on the Brain

Eat, sleep, Cliburn, Repeat! If you cannot stop thinking about The Cliburn, our Daily News Blog is for you!

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Finals Day One

The competition is fierce and the stakes are rising with each passing note. Luckily, everyone had a day to relax during this high stress portion of the competition.

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Six Still Standing

Tonight the moment of truth came and for six of the competitors, that moment was a dream come true.

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Collaborative Magic

In the heat of the semifinal round, Maestro McGegan and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra deserve an award for most outstanding supporting cast. The orchestra and Maestro have been nothing short of…

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Mozart Galore

Guess what? I've got a fever and the only prescription is more Mozart!

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Play to Your Strengths

Cliburn competitors are extraordinary musicians capable of virtually anything, but every great performer programs to highlight their strengths. In today's semifinal recitals, each performer shared…

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Palpable Pressure

Preliminary, Quarterfinal, and now we are on to the Semifinal round of the Fifteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition! The competition is heating up and we are eager to see who can handle…

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Twelve Remain

Tensions were high at Cliburn 2017 during the last recitals as the results for the next round were eagerly awaited!

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