Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
May 25 - June 10, 2017

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

Quarter Finals Announced!

Results were announced and personalities emerged on Day Four of the Fifteenth Van Cliburn Jnternational Piano Competition!

Day Four was full to the brim of heightened emotions, tension, and excitement! The final recitals of the preliminary rounds were performed with undeniable intensity. The crowd for today's recitals seemed to be nearly double yesterday's; however, the apparent increase in attendance could have had something to do with the results for Quarter Finals being released in the evening. Although some candidates did not progress into the Quarter Finals, each performer has much to be proud of from their performance in the Preliminary Round. 

The pianists moving forward in the competition are listed below (in no specific order):

Daniel Hsu, United States 

Luigi Carroccia, Italy

Yury Favorin, Russia

Rachel Cheung, Hong Kong

Sun Yeon Kim, South Korea

Georgy Tchaidze, Russia

Han Chen, Taiwan

Alyosha Jurinic, Croatia 

Ilya Shmukler, Russia

Tony Yike Yang, Canada

Dasol Kim, South Korea

Leonardo Pierdomenico, Italy

Martin James Bartlett, United Kingdom

Yekwon Sunwoo, South Korea

Sergei Belyavskiy, Russia

Honggi Kim, South Korea 

Kenneth Bromberg, United States

Tristan Teo, Canada

Yutong Sun, China

Rachel Kudo, United States 



A unique element of The Cliburn is the different cultures that are represented and the distinct personalities that come along with the phenomenal competitors. If you were tuned in to our live stream yesterday, you saw Tony Yike Yang (Canada), Han Chen (Taiwan), Yekwon Sunwoo (South Korea), Honggi Kim (South Korea), Rachel Kudo (United States), and Alyosha Jurinic (Croatia). The performances were stunning and possessed so much character.


During Alyosha Jurinic's performance, the audience felt compelled to applaud a particularly emotive passage in one of his selections. Totally silent and in control of the musical pause during which the audience began to applaud, Jurinic held up his index finger to the audience to say, "Wait, I am not finished." This gesture was received well and warranted a hearty giggle from the audience. The debate on whether to applaud between movements varies depending on what portion of the world one is visiting. In the case of Fort Worth, it is not necessarily common practice but it is more socially acceptable to applaud between movements. Obviously with Jurinic on stage, it is irrelevant what part of the world he is in as he is in total control of the musical experience.


Even in the musicians assembly room, Jurinic gave staff a good laugh by giving his opinion on the uniquely American use of ice in beverages. When offered a Coca-Cola in the waiting room before the Quarter Final results were announced, the host offered Jurinic a glass with ice due to the beverage being room temperature. Jurinic repsonded, "Americans use too much ice. It's not coke with ice, it's ice with coke." All of the competitors began their forty-five minute wait on the Quarter Final results in the musicians assembly room. At first the conversation was plentiful and light, but as the minutes passed words became fewer and the once smiling faces showed hints of anxiety. Finally the judges completed their voting and the competitors were quick to their feet and headed backstage to be called out one by one ito be seated in the hall. While waiting backstage, Martin James Bartlett said humorously, "There's no piano here...I don't feel comfortable." With his trademark sense of humor, Martin James Bartlett diffused the tension and helped his fellow competitors relax leading up to the announcement of the competitors who would advance to Quarter Finals.


After all of the Quarter Finalists were announced, the remaining competitors were interviewed by members of the press and the team! One of the competitors interviewed was Leonardo Pierdomenico of Italy. When asked what his plans were for the evening now that he has advanced to the Quarter Finals, his response was, "I just want to go home and practice." President and CEO of The Cliburn, Jacques Marquis, shared a similar sentiment. When our team asked him if he had any words of wisdom for the advancing competitors he said, "Go home and practice!" We could not have said it better ourselves!


We enjoy sharing funny moments throughout the day that you may or may not see on the live stream with all of our viewers and readers! Be sure to tune in for the Quarter Finals and let us know what you think on social media!


By Katie Kelly



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