Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
May 25 - June 10, 2017

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

Let's Talk Hashtags

Which hashtags are we using throughout the competition? We have written a short, simple list of frequently used hashtags on our social media accounts to help our audience navigate our content. Although every competitor does not utilize social media, we can still celebrate their achievements this way!



Today was full of stunning performances by Luigi Carroccia, Nikolai Khozyainov, Nikita Abrosimov, Georgy Tchaidze, Kenneth Broberg, Sun-A Park, Rachel Cheung, EunAe Lee, and Sergei Belyavskiy! The tension is heightening around the competition leading up to the announcement of the competitors who will advance to Quarterfinals. We at wish all of the competitors luck and want to remind all of our viewers to follow us on Twitter for live tweeting of the advancement results tonight. 


Now what about all of those hashtags we mentioned in the introduction? Here is a short list of popular hashtag a circulating the competition and brief explanations as to why they are being used! 



Simple enough, right? This hashtag tells you everything you need to know. Whatever it is attached to is relevant to the Fifteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition that is taking place in 2017. Why is this hashtag extraordinary? By using this hashtag the team is able to see the competition through the eyes of our audience. Whether they are streaming the live webcast at home or you are joining us at Bass Hall, the team learns more about how our viewers are consuming the competition and ways that we can better serve them during this competition and in the future! 



This is becoming a popular hashtag and topic in general among competitors, Cliburn, and staff. Why are we sharing this with you? You see them on the webcast with competitors, pre-recital Tweets, and on our Instagram always captured supporting competitors and tending to their every need. Kathie Cummins and Maria Harman are the Backstage Moms who make the moments before a competitor takes the stage as relaxing as possible. These brilliant, perceptive women study the tendencies of each competitor as soon as they arrive for piano selection in order to understand the best way to help them in the moments leading up to their big moment. Heating pads, blankets, ibuprofen, snacks, water, and more are in the relaxation arsenal of the beloved Backstage Moms. With all of these supplies and an efficient routine for a calm, comforting backstage experience, Cliburn competitors are in experienced hands with Backstage Moms. 



The Dream Team, Dynamic Duo, or as we all know them, Anderson & Roe came up with this gem! These star pianists are the Masters of Ceremonies here at Cliburn 2017. During intermissions between competitors, Anderson & Roe discuss the composers, history of recital works, and do live interviews. As the interview comes to a close, the two conduct a lightning round of sorts to ask the tough questions. Are you a piano hammer or piano string?  Coffee or tea? Vanilla or chocolate? What is the most challenging piece of the repertoire you have performed? With these Cliburning questions, we get to know a little more about these stars. Interview have included CEO of The Cliburn, Jacques Marquis, Music Director of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin, Commissioned Competition Composer, Marc-André Hamelin, and more! Stay tuned during intermissions on our live webcast to catch Anderson & Roe getting all the answers to your Cliburning Questions!



We share individual posts with headshots, biographies, and a reminder to tune in to see the competitors perform! Learning about each competitor through Instagram is another way for our audience to feel connected with the competitors even if the competitor is not active on social media themselves. We at pride ourselves on objectivity and aim to highlight the best qualities in every competitor. Although every competitor will not advance to the next round, they are all branded as Cliburn just by being chosen through the rigorous selection process. Being selected as a Cliburn competitor itself is a major achievement and we celebrate their success by highlighting each of them individually. 



This hashtag gives us insight specifically into the webcast viewing experience. Always coupled with #Cliburn2017, we review posts using this hashtag to keep up with what our community is thinking and feeling throughout the live webcast experience. We value the contributions  of our viewers and are constantly looking for ways to assess and improve their viewing experience. We also value knowing what content our audience enjoys most so we can focus on providing exactly what they want see in future posts! 


We hope this simple breakdown down of a few of our favorite hashtags from the competition so far will be helpful to our viewers in the coming days of the competition! Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter for access to exclusive content! 

By Katie Kelly

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