Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
May 25 - June 10, 2017

Van Cliburn International Piano Competition
Ilya Shmukler

Ilya Shmukler

26 years old

Moscow native Ilya Shmukler studies piano with Elena Kuznetsova at the Moscow Conservatory.

He has frequently performed in the leading concert halls of Russia, including in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, and Kazan, as well as in Austria, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Moldova, and Kazakhstan.

Mr. Shmukler has won awards at a number of piano competitions, including grand prizes of the 2009 Musica Classica and the 2012 Scriabin Rachmaninoff competitions in Russia, and second prize in the 2012 International Rachmaninov Music Competition.

He has played with several orchestras, most notably the Mariinsky Theatre Symphony Orchestra.

When not playing piano, he enjoys cinema, literature, art, and swimming and table tennis.

His performances:

Ilya Shmukler

25 May 21:05


Ilya Shmukler

29 May 11:05


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